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At Smart Investments

we are dedicated to you.

At Smart Investments, we are dedicated to you!

We are a family firm, and it shows in the way we care for our clients. John Smart founded the company in 1991 after seven successful years in the insurance industry. Both of John’s daughters, Laura and Kelsey, are also Financial Advisors in the firm and the best of friends to boot. Rounding out the team are our Branch Manager / Advisor Jonathan, our Investment Administrator Patricia, and our Operations Manager Shylo… all of whom may as well be family by now!

Clients feel this when they walk in the door. We’ll “shake a paw” with your dog; we want to hear about the challenging hiring decision you’re trying to make; we love to laugh with you about how your feisty aunt tore up the dance floor at your daughter’s wedding.

Our clients mean a great deal to us. We want to understand what matters to you, so we’ll know the best way to put your hard-earned dollars to work.

We look forward to working with you.